Executive Brief

Since more and more Metric Insights users point out the convenience and ease of use of mobile version of application, we devoted a separate tab to Mobile app settings at the Personal preferences.

Mobile dashboard has 2 modes:

  • Analyst Insights: a regular mobile app mode, where you get alerted on any value peculiarities according to your subscriptions, review Metrics and Reports, interact with other users by means of collaborative entries (Notes, Comments, Annotations), switch between the Categories, add Events, etc.,  in other words, this mode allows you to interact with application in a way, similar to a desktop version.
  • Executive Brief: This a simplified version of the app that is effectively static – there is no ability to share content, or comment, or change dimensions, etc.

For those that want access to their data at a glance we've included this new view to display only the elements in your Favorite folders - this makes managing the KPIs you care about easy.

Basic Characteristics

Basic Characteristics
  • Is applicable only for Metrics and Multi-Metrics
  • You can view a series of Shared Favorite Folders and swipe between them
  • Swiping left/right on the page will move backward/forward between other Shared Favorite Folders
  • Each Favorite Folder may contain as many Metrics, as needed
  • You can tap on a point in a chart to see the value

How to enable the Executive Brief mode?

Version 1.3

  1. Access My Preferences (below your username) > My Mobile
  2. In the Dashboard Mode field choose the 'Executive Brief' option
  3. Additionally, you can choose to include collaboration items (comments, notes) in this mode or not. See examples below.

Collaboration Options

Collaboration Options


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