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Mobile Application Overview (Version 1.4). Compatible with Web 5.0.4 and later

Metric Insights mobile application is a solution to get the most out of your analytics. With this app, your data is always within easy reach anytime and anywhere. You can create Alert rules,  subscribe to Metrics and Reports storing the data of the highest value, and receive instant notifications whenever anomalies occur.


Supported Devices

You can install Metric Insights application on any mobile devices with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android (mobile phones and tablets) operating systems.

Signing into your account for the first time

Start using the application by establishing connection with Metric Insights:

  1. Allow to receive Push notifications if you would like to get immediate notifications for Metric Alerts or Collaboration.
  2. Provide a link to your instance. Click OK.
  3. Authenticate to the mobile application via the same credentials that are used for the web version of Metric Insights. After the initial login the system pairs web account and mobile device and starts sending alerts and essential updates as push notifications.

NOTE: You need to sign in only when you start the application for the first time.

Personal Settings

Personal Settings

A new option panel has been added . Along with a Home button, it offers additional options for Settings and Alerts.

You can now choose among 3 application modes instantly from your device on the settings screen,

Application Modes

  • Analyst View: a regular mobile app mode, where you get alerted on any value peculiarities according to your subscriptions, review Metrics and Reports, interact with other users by means of collaborative entries (Notes, Comments, Annotations), switch between the Categories, add Events, etc.,  in other words, this mode allows you to interact with application in a way, similar to a desktop version.
  • Executive Brief: Only Metrics are shown in this mode. This a simplified version of the app that is effectively static – there is no ability to share content, comment, or change Dimensions, etc. This is a great solution for those, who want to refer to the key information quickly.
  • Executive Brief with Collaboration Included: This mode enables last 3 comments or notes on an the Executive Bries. You are free to open a Metric Viewer and review all comments and notes that have been added to this Metric.


  1. A list of Alerts has been added as a separate screen and can be called by clicking an Alerts icon.
  2. You can dismiss any Alert by swiping it left and clicking Dismiss.
  3. You can delete all alerts by clicking the Clear All button at the upper right corner of My Alerts screen.

Metric Viewer

Metric Viewer

Metric Viewer was simplified to create a more refined experience:

  1. Sharing elements. Share Charts with other MI Users by tapping this option and in the opened pop-up enter username/email or tap Share with to select Users directly from the list. You can also add a personal note to this element available only to the person you are sharing it with.
  2. Adding Annotations and Events. Tap an Event or Annotation button to add one to an element and provide required information in the opened pop-up.
  3. Alternative View options. You can change the format of data display (select other dimensions (if applicable), Measurement Intervals, related elements) and Chart view options (Standard, Stoplight. Statistical).
  4. Date range displayed. Define the interval by selecting a specific time span (7days, 4 weeks, 2 months, etc.) above the chart, by swiping the Chart to the left or to the right or by using standard pinch-in and pinch out gestures.
  5. Managing lines display. Tap the line Legend to show/hide it from the Chart.
  6. Adding notes to Chart. Flick down below to add a note to this element and to share your observations/ideas with other MI Users. Enter your comment in the Add a Comment field and tap Post this Comment.


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