Apply a User Map to a Dataset

Prior to Version 5.5, Admin Users had unlimited access to all elements in Metric Insights. New in Version 5.5,  when User maps are applied to Datasets or Reports created from Datasets, the User map will control view access for All Users including Admin Users! See Security changes here Apply User Map to Dataset and Dataset Report Viewer (rel 5.5 and beyond)

User Maps allow defining the slices of data from the Dataset that specific users are allowed to see.

It functions as a stencil applied to a Dataset, showing only allowed data and hiding the rest of it, but this 'stencil' may be different for different users in accordance with access settings defined in the User Map.


Both a Dataset and a User Map corresponding to the data in the Dataset must already exist.

Use Case

For this example, the following are used:

  • Dataset: ('Sales Data by Country and Channel'): contains sales info per calendar_date, channel, country, units, sales. For more info: Create a Dataset
  • User map ('Channel / Country'): limits access of Power and Regular users to specific data per country and channel. For more info: Create a User Map

Follow the instructions below to apply a User Map restrictions to the Dataset values.

Applying a User Map to the Dataset

  1. Access Admin > Datasets > select the required Dataset from the list
  2. Open the Access tab
  3. Access Mode: set to 'only specified rows'. This allows to apply an Access Map to this Dataset and define what parameters should be available to specific Regular or Power users.
  4. User Map: select the previously created User Map from the drop-down list. User Map must contain a column with usernames and other column(s) which can be joined to the current Dataset to filter it down to the relevant subset.
  5. Column Mapping: define the parameters that are influenced by restrictions from the Access Map. In this example Access Map restricts access to Country and Channel (Column 2 - Access Map parameters). Select the matching columns for Dataset parameters.
  6. At the upper right corner of the screen click Update Data.

User Permissions and Privileges

Even though a Power or Regular User receives a right to review a slice of data from the Dataset via the Access Map, he must be also given the respective Permissions and Privileges related to the associated Dataset. For more details, see Dataset/User Map Security Overview  (Release 5.2.1 and beyond)

NOTE: In this example, we also granted Arlen:

  • General Privileges to interact with datasets in the User Editor
  • Permission to access this particular Dataset at the Dataset Editor > Advanced tab > Permissions

Check the Result

According to the User Map, user 'Arlen' has access to sales data from 'website visits' channel in Canada, Germany and United Kingdom; therefore, her view of the data is limited to these values, regardless of the View chosen.


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