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[Global Alert Rules] How do they work for Metrics?

Global Alerting is one of the key features of Metric Insight since they can be applied to an entire set of metrics. These alerts may only be created or modified by Admin User, but are available for use by all Users.

Access New > Alert Rule > Global Alert

Access New > Alert Rule > Global Alert

The first step of creating a Global Alert implies selecting a Global Alert Rule Type:

  1. The first rules are all forms of KPI alerts and follow the same rules
  2. The second set of rules apply only to Global Alerts and are described below:

Stoplight Alert wizard

Stoplight Alert wizard
  1. Set Criteria for generation of Alert --> Next
  2. Set Method for delivery of Alert --> Finish

Adjust the Stoplight parameters in the Metric Editor

Modifying these settings will change the circumstances under which the Metric fall within the Stoplight is red value.

NOTE: Based on screen in Step 3, the data value would have to fall below 5% of Target twice after having been above 5% at least one time.

Unusual / Best / Worst Value Wizard

Unusual / Best / Worst Value Wizard

The creation of an Unusual Value Alert allows selection of Method of Delivery only to be set in the Wizard

Change the parameter that adjusts the standard deviation band in the Metric Editor

Unusual alerts are triggered when a value falls outside of Statistical range set individually for each Metric. This value is set in the Charting tab of the Metric Editor; the default is 2 Standard Deviations.  The alerts generated will be labeled as either an Unusual Low or Unusual High.