Create a Qlik Sense Configuration File

Qlik Sense Configuration File is used by the system to:

1. Create a file

In /datacollector/plugins/ directory create a configuration file using the following command:

touch qliksense.conf 

2. Open the file using any editor of your choice

3. Define the following parameters

Insert these 3 parameters and provide values for them:

  • client_key_path: specify a path to the client.pfx certificate file. The certificate contains the public key. Identification with certificates involves a cryptographic operation to show, that you are in the possession of the secret private key matching the public key in the (public) certificate. This private key is contained in the .pfx file.
  • client_key_pass: define a password to client.pfx
  • path_to_phantom_js: specify a path to PhantomJS



Save your entries.

4. Give access permissions to the 'qliksense.conf' file by issuing this command

chmod 777 qliksense.conf


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