Multi-Filters for PowerBI External Reports

PowerBI by default limits filtering to just 1 Filter Field in the URL. To work around this limitation, Metric Insights has added a separate section in the External Report Editor from which you can create and apply additional filters. This multi-filtering functionality is especially useful in scenarios where highly filtered reports must be delivered to your end users.

For example, let's say you want to deliver a PowerBI report filtered by Region and Business Segment. Using the multi-filter option allows you to do this. Continue on to see how you can manually create and apply filters or use previously created Dimension Values.

To add a new filter in the External Report Editor:

  1. Click [+ Microsoft PowerBI Filter]. The Add Microsoft PowerBI Filter popup opens
  2. Microsoft PowerBI Filter Name: Copy the name of the filter from PowerBI (the name must be an exact match).
    • To find the correct filter name, see the Identifying PowerBI Filter Names section below
  3. Dimension: If desired, select an existing Dimension whose values correlate to PowerBI filter values. All filter values are then added to the External Report
  4. Enter Manually: You can also create a new filter with filter values here (instead of using an existing dimenson)
  5. Click Save
  6. If entering manually, click [+ Add Value]
  7. The value entered must match exactly how the value is defined in PowerBI
  8. Once all values needed for the filter have been entered, click Save
  9. Add additional filters if needed.

Once the filters have been added, specify the correct URL Template to use then Save and Collect Image. Once enabled, you can view the filtered PowerBI report in Metric Insights (if Show Report in is set to Viewer). Filtered images can also be sent to users.

Additionally, you can combine the filters with dimensioning the External Report. Dimensioning the External Report enables a drop-down in the Viewer with which you can use to see specific slices of the PowerBI report.

Identifying PowerBI Filter Names

To identify filter names in PowerBI:

  1. From the report, click "Edit Report"
  2. In edit mode, you will see table and column names
  3. Add the table and column name together with a period and no space, like table.column. This is the filter name to use in the External Report
    • See the Account.Segment example in the screenshots above


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