Sharing Custom Alert Rules

  • As a User, you may want to share an Alert Rule with your co-workers.
  • As an Administrator, you may want to actually define all of the various Alert Rules for a Group of individual Users and/or individual Groups.  

Sharing your Alerts has been simplified by using the Subscription tab when editing an Alert Rule. Users with whom you share an alert will receive the alert defined with the same options as you have set for the alert.

NOTE: Regular Users and Power Users may only share Alert Rules that they have created. Admin Users have the ability to share any Alert Rules including Global Alerts.

Note: The Report Alert concept has been improved by

The Report Alert object will be removed in Metric Insights 6.

1. Alert Rules can be edited in the following places

  1. At My Preferences (below your username) > My Alerts > in the respective row click the Gear icon
  2. Open the Metric Viewer > click the Alerts icon

Both methods will open the Add Alert rules pop-up.

1.1. Admin Users can access all Alerts at Content > Alerts

The Alerts page available for Admin users incorporates data per all system Alerts and settings of a logged in Admin User and is broken to the following tabs:

  1. Overview: Displays the comprehensive list of Alerts of different types, last date and time the Alert has been generated, delivery method, number of subscribers, etc.
  2. User: Lists settings related to notification schedules, subscriptions and notification history of a particular logged in Admin user.
  3. KPI Alerts: Basics for the Alert Wizards - KPI Rules
  4. Global Alerts: How does Global Alerting work for Metrics?
  5. Report Alerts: being deprecated after Version 6

The format of KPI, Global and Report Alerts may vary, but the steps are the same as described below.

2. Only rules you created will display the gear icon

Only rules you created will display the gear icon

Power and Regular Users can access full Alert Editor (KPI Editor shown here) only for those Rules that they have created.

NOTE: Regular user much be assigned a respective Privilege (Create Custom Alert) at User Editor > Info tab > Privileges section or inherit it from Group membership.

3. From KPI Alerts / Rules tab, you can edit any of the values for this alert

You use the same methods (pop-ups) to modify these values as you did on original Alert Rule creation.

NOTE: You can only share Alerts whose Visibility is Public - if not, edit "Type & Visibility" section before continuing.

4. To share your alert, open the Subscriptions tab

  1. To Bulk Subscribe Users, add a Group
  2. Or you can share (subscribe) your Alert with individual Users using check boxes

NOTE: You can also Unshare/Unsubscribe Users by clearing the check box of a respective individual User or deleting the Group from the Group Auto-Subscriptions section.


  1. Let's login as one of the users subscribed to this Alert Rule. For instructions refer to: Debugging User Problems: Log in as a different user
  2. Open Emma's Personal Preferences > My Alerts
  3. Find the name of the element with this Alert Rule and click the Gear icon in its row.
  4. Emma is subscribed to the Alert with same Deliver Options in her Alert Subscriptions


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