How to link to an External Report

This article describes the process of creating a new 'External Report' that will be linked to some of the plugins supported by Metric Insights.

To find out which BI tools are supported by Metric Insights, refer to: Metric Insights' Plugins.

1. Specify the Report Type

Provide general  information required for creating a new report: Name, Description, specify whether it should be a dimensioned Report and its Category.

  1. Select whether you want the content for your External Report to be fetched Automatically or you want to add it Manually. NOTE: Fields below are changed dynamically and are only shown for 'Automated Collection'.
  2. Select the Trigger used for updating external report content.
  3. These fields are dynamically changштп depending on the Report Type selected above

To continue, click Next: define details

2. Provide other information necessary for creating an External Report

Other settings vary from plugin to plugin.

See the examples of creating external reports for:


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