Establish connectivity to 1010data

This article describes how to connect to 1010data in order to use their reports as Data Sources in Metric Insights.

General instructions on setting up data sources based on plug-ins can be found here.

1. Access Admin > Data Sources

The list of data sources available in the system opens

At the bottom of the screen click [+ New Data Source]

2. Select "Other" Data Source Type and choose "1010data" from the drop-down

Select "Other" Data Source Type and choose "1010data" from the drop-down

Move to the Next step.

3. Provide Required 1010data Parameters

Specify how to connect to 1010data. The parameters include:

  1. Data Source Name: Will default but you may modify it.
  2. Gateway: is generated automatically
  3. Infer Dates: Converts date to format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
  4. Username / Password: Note that your Username must be in the same format that your 1010data server uses for authentication
  5. Save your settings.

4. Other options available on Data Source Editor

  1. You can create elements or Datasets directly from the respective tabs
  2. Click Permissions to assign them to Groups or Power Users