How to Collect Data from Mixpanel

The Mixpanel plug-in allows you to retrieve information from its tool that tracks "events' on websites and segments them by such dimensions as: source, campaign, medium, keyword.  Using the Metric Insights plug-in allows you to use this data to create visualizations easily using our robust Metrics and Reports.  

1. Add a new element based on your Mixpanel plug-in data source

Add a new element based on your Mixpanel plug-in data source

2. Provide basic information on Wizard (or Editor) - metric example

  1. Select the Measurement Interval that applies to your element
  2. Specify what this metric is measuring.  If you do not see the measure that you want to use, you can create one from this drop-down
  3. Give the element a unique name
  4. Optionally, assign a Category

Next: (example is using full editor, but same steps apply when using Wizard)

3. Full Editor displays the Data Collection tab

  1. Select Mixpanel plug-in as Data Source
  2. Set Trigger
  3. Input Plug-in Command
  4. Validate Plug-in command

3.1. Input Last measurement time

Input Last measurement time

4. Collect data and publish

  1. Collect data

Enable & Publish

5. Metric will be displayed in viewer


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