Establish connectivity to Basecamp 2

An Administrator can use the process described in this article to create a new Plug-in Data Source that is required to allow Elements to fetch data from Basecamp to create a visualization in Metric Insights.

1. Access Admin > Data Sources

At the bottom of the screen click [+ New Data Source].

The Select the Type of New Data Source pop-up opens.

2. Select "Other" as Data Source Type and select "Basecamp 2" from the drop-down list

3. Enter Connection Settings

  1. Provide a unique and meaningful Data Source Name
  2. Provide user credentials: User ID, Username and Password
  3. Optionally, specify the maximum number of concurrent Threads per Trigger execution to be used in background processing when the system updates Metrics and Reports for this Data Source.  If you do not specify any value for this setting, batch data collection processing will be single-threaded.

Save your settings.

4. Full Data Source Editor displays

  1. You can create elements or Datasets directly from the respective tabs
  2. Click Permissions to assign them to Groups or Power Users


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