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[User Access] Grant Access (View or Edit) to a Category

Administrators have the responsibility to grant View or Edit Access to a Category to other users.  Categories are the folders that appear in the Left Sidebar of the Hompage.  By granting access at a Category level to a certain User, you ensure that any new elements added to the Category are automatically accessible to this User.

There are two types of User access to a Category:

  1. View Access (Regular Users / Power Users).  A User receives Permission to view all of the undimensioned elements assigned to it.  Access to Dimensioned elements assigned to the Category requires that the user also be granted Dimension access.
    • Datasets Note: In releases after Version 4.2, (those containing elements from Datasets), Users may be restricted from viewing elements sourced from Datasets that are not in the same Category. This will be rare since the system defaults all Reports and Metrics created from Datasets to the same Category, but this value can be later changed.
  2. Edit Access (Power Users only). A User gets conditional edit access to all Category elements, Datasets / User Maps, configurable Data Sources (SQL / Plugin). However, there are certain additional Privileges that should be granted to the User. For more information, refer to: Checklist for granting  a Power User Edit Access to a Category

Alternatively, Category access may be granted from the:          

  • User Editor:  To one User at a time:  This article describes this method
  • Group Editor / Category Editor:  

1. Access Admin > Users

  1. Click the Name link to open User Editor for an existing user
  2. Alternatively, click [+ New User]. For further details on creating a new user in the system refer to: Create a New User Account and Assign to group.

2. Access User Editor > Elements tab

  1. Open the Elements tab to access the Categories section
  2. Click [+ Category access to User]

The Add Category Access to User pop-up opens.

2.1. Grant Access to the Category

Select a Category
  1. Select a Category from the drop-down list
  2. This field is shown for Power Users only. To grant View Access only, leave the default 'no'; to grant Edit Access, change the setting to 'yes'
  3. To make sure that a Power user has all permissions and privileges required to access Category content, refer to: Checklist for granting  a Power User Edit Access to a Category

Save your entries.

NOTE: Our example is for a Power User granted Edit access to the Category.

3. New Category will be displayed in both grids

  1. New Category will be displayed in both tables: Directly Assigned Categories and Group and Directly Assigned Categories
  2. Note that Conditional Edit will be set to 'Y' if edit access was granted to a Power User.

4. Scroll down to the Elements section

What's next?

Whether this is a Power User or Regular User, it is critical to make sure that he has permissions to use other related system entities (if needed), such as Dimensions / Dimension Values, Datasets / User Maps, etc.

For more details, refer to: Checklist for granting  a Power User Edit Access to a Category