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Provide users with ability to request access to inaccessible content

In Version 4.1 and later, we have added 2 features to allow users to "see" those items that they are not authorized to access and request authorization via the Home Page.

  1. A config variable has been added that allows the users to view tiles to which they do not have access in Hidden Content list
  2. Activating this variable will also allow External Reports to be flagged and access requested via the Home Page tile.

The procedure to setup the functionality required to display non-accessable items is described below.  In all cases, the Access Request functionality requires integration with your organization's security management systems. If you'd like to integrate Access Request with your installation of Metric Insights, please contact ''.

1. Make External Report publicly visible

In the Advanced Tab of any External Report, set Make Report publicly visible to 'yes'

1.1. Pop-up requests that a static image be uploaded

Pop-up will ask you to upload a static image
  1. Upload a .PNG file of your choice
  2. Save to close pop-up
  3. Save again on the External Report Editor

Then you may need to Reload the page to view your image

1.2. Review your static image in Editor

Review your static image in Editor

2. Access the variables via Admin menu > Utilities > Config Variables

  1. Enter 'Access' in the filter to limit display
  2. Set SHOW_ITEMS_WITHOUT_ACCESS to 'Y' (minimum requirement)

In order for Users to request access via the Metric Insights system, you will need to set the following 4 variables to the correct LAPD options. This will allow Users to issue an online request for access to be posted to a URL for review. See next step.

Otherwise, Users will need to notify their Administrator directly

2.1. Example of completed Access Request Variables

  1. ACCESS_REQUEST_URL: specifies a URL for posting user access requests
  3. ACCESS_REQUEST_URL_USERNAME: specifies a username for posting user access requests
  4. ACCESS_REQUEST_URL_PASSWORD: specifies a password for posting user access requests

Save changes to regenerate the Config Variable file

3. Example of an External Report that Abby does not have access to view - Homepage

  1. Abby has view access to this External Report
  2. Abby does not have access to this External Report, so the static image is displayed on the Homepage and the element description is available to her

3.1. User can click on image to request access

Clicking on the static image will allow User to Request access to this element

4. When SHOW_ITEMS_WITHOUT_ACCESS is set = 'Y' , all other elements can also be viewed and access requested

The system is able to show those elements that match your Search criteria (monthly) and allow you to request access

  1. Select link to Show other items

5. Hidden Tiles screen will display a lock before any items that User doesn't have permission to access

If you click on the element name that is displayed with a locked icon, you will be able to directly request access.

Note on elements in Hidden Tiles page:

  • All element types, not just External Reports, will be displayed here
  • External Reports not setup as 'publicly visible' as described in Step 1, will display here in Hidden Tiles rather than as a tile on Homepage
  • Some elements are hidden even if you have access to them because they are set to 'not visible on Homepage' . These elements will not display the locked icon


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