Collect Values Manually for a Child Dimension

If you have a situation where your Dimension is part of a parent hierarchy; for example, Products that are part of a Product Groups, you can use Metric Insights' parent/child Dimension capabilities to form this relationship.  Any Dimension that has a Parent is considered a Child Dimension.  


EXAMPLE:  In the sample below, "Product Category" is the Parent Dimension and "wine-dimension" is the Child Dimension.  "Product Category" already has several Dimension Values created.

NOTE:  If you grant a User access to a Dimension that has children, grandchildren or other generations, the user receives cascading access to all of the Dimension's descendants in the Family tree.

1. Access Content > Dimensions > select a Child Dimension from the list

At the bottom of the page click [+ New Dimension Value].

2. Enter Dimension Value

Enter Dimension Value

For each new Dimension Value,  enter:

  1. Select a Parent Dimension Value from the drop-down list
  2. Enter the Key Value
  3. Provide a Display Value that corresponds to its Key Value
  4. Select whether the system should generate a Tile for this Dimension Value automatically; If 'no' is chosen, the only way to obtain a tile is to make this Dimension Value's chart a Favorite 

Save your changes.

3. Dimension Value is added to Dimension Values grid

4. To add using a CSV file, you must  add at least one dimension manually for' Load from File' button to appear

  1. Select Load from file button to access the Load popup
  2. Confirm that the Delimiter character is the same as in your CSV file
  3. Select the CSV file containing your data from your local machine
  4. Import

4.1. Review load results

  1. Click OK to return to Dimension Editor


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