Mass Change to Dimension Values 'Show/Hide' option

Although you can change values one by one when editing a selected Dimension Value, if you want to change all Dimension Values at once to either show or hide their tiles from the Homepage, there is a setting in the Dimension Editor to accomplish this.

1. Access Content > Dimension and select an existing dimension

  1. In the Info tab page down to the Dimension Values section
  2. Note that only 3 Dimension Values in the Show as Tile column are set to 'Y', others are set to 'N', meaning no tile will be shown at the Homepage for that Dimensioned Chart.

2. Confirm your intention to change all existing values

  1. Open the Advanced tab and set the Dimension value "show as tile" default field to 'yes'
  2. Click Save
  3. Confirm your actions

3. All existing values are changed

  1. Return to the Info tab
  2. Confirm that all Dimension Values are now set to be shown as tiles


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