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What to Expect in our Proof of Concept (PoC)

This describes our Proof of Concept process for potential customers.


The PoC last for two weeks and starts with two "Jumpstart" meetings with the solutions team. Metric Insights will host an Amazon EC2 instance for you and will build 1-2 of your high value use cases. We can use your data, a scrubbed version of your data, or our internal test data.

What we Need from the Client

1. Paperwork: a signed NDA

2. 1-2 use cases that describe the problem to solve in the PoC. In other words, what do you want to be alerted on? We can help create a good use case and share examples of previous ones from your industry. See the "Use Cases" section below.

3. Credentials to data sources: we will need credentials to the data source(s) you want to connect to. For example, if we are connecting to Tableau, then we will need a username and password that can access the appropriate dashboards.

Use Cases

1. What is the most compelling narrative that we can build around alerting? We want to  define a chain of events that begins when a KPI goes out of bounds, and ends when a group of decision-makers receive a report with relevant, actionable content. The key is to identify a situation where timely action can generate great value.

Please identify:

● 1-2 events about which you would like to be alerted

● The users who should be alerted

● The content that the alert emails should contain

For instance: If quarter-to-date sales for any of your products falls below forecast, then send an email to the sales team. The email should identify the products that are below forecast, and should direct recipients to appropriate reports for further investigation.


2. Can we identify a set of KPIs that decision-makers within your company would like to see every day? If so, then we will create a daily digest to show how they can monitor this information via email, without needing to login to an application.

Please identify:

● A set of essential KPIs that should be delivered daily

● The users who should receive daily digests


3. Can we increase the value of your KPI charts by overlaying them with calendar events and user annotations? Are there circumstances where context of this kind can make it easier for decision-makers to understand what happened with a KPI? The key is to identify situations where personal insights can be turned into corporate assets.

With this question in mind, please identify:

● A calendar of events that are relevant to the KPIs identified in question #2

● Any personal insights -- your own or your colleagues’ -- whose value could be increased by displaying it on KPI charts available to everyone in your company

Bonus Points: Preparing your Data

1. Alerting requires a time series (dates), so keep this in mind when looking at your data to create a use case. For example, you may have a dashboard or table that has sales information but no date/times. You will want to add a date column to the dashboard or think of a way to join the table so Metric Insights can fetch the dates. For more information on how we pull dates from Tableau, see this article.


2.  We have a number of short videos to help users ramp up their knowledge quickly:


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