Release 2.2.502

Release 2.2.502 is the fourth release associated with Version 2 of Metric Insights. See below for a detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes.

The current release contains the following major new capabilities:

  1. Dynamic charts can be included in reports using any Javascript charting engine. Javascript charting is available within Metric Insights and can be embedded into external applications. For an overview of this feature, click here.
  2. New Security API provides Single-sign-on from any application (i.e. your application can automatically log a user into Metric Insights).
  3. New Dynamic Pivot Javascript control has been included to provide users with the ability to customize viewing and charting of report data sets.
  4. Filtering is now supported for Report Pivot and Chart data sets.
  5. New navigation controls have been added to all editors to improve usability.
  6. A product tour feature has been added with initial tours created for home page and viewers (more tours will be added soon).


1. Implementation Procedure to Deploy Release on your own Server

If you are managing your own server, perform the following actions to deploy this new release:

1.  Login to your Metric Insights server as root

2.  run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-deploy comp Tools-Trunk tip

a. If you do not have a recent backup, run: mi-app-backup

3.  If you do not already have a recent backup of your system, run:  sudo mi-app-backup

4.  run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-deploy  app inc 2.2.502

Contact Metric Insights Support at or 415.630.2100 x 107 for assistance.

2. Implementation Process when Metric Insights Deploys Your Upgrade on our Server

If Metric Insights is administering your organization's instance, your Technical Support Representative will follow-up to discuss this release with you and coordinate a time for applying this upgrade.

3. Enhancements

1. Chart Layout Editor

a. \ Implemented support for Javascript Charting

b. Provided ability for inclusion of any 3rd-party Javascript charting library as basis for chart generation

2. \ Data Fetch Request Broker -- Plug-ins

a. Added new monitoring for Remote Data Collector with ability to alert admin when connection is not active


a. All Editors

1) \ Implemented fixed header and left-sidebar navigation controls in all editors to improve usability

2) Added incremental data fetch support to Tableau plugin

3) "Enabled" and "Visible" checkboxes at top of Element Editors are now hidden until an element has been enabled for the first time

4) Implemented new control with search capability to improve usability in drop-downs that have a large number of values

b. Metric Editor

1) Streamlined Metric data collection flow

c. Report Editor

1) Added Report and Chart Filtering capabilities

4. Embedding

a. \ Added ability to embed the image that appears in tiles outside of Metric Insights

5. \ Home Page

a. Implemented single sign-on support to allow authenticated access to Metric Insights without user login

b. Integrated Tour facility into application and added Tours for Home Page and Viewers

6. \ Javascript Charting

a. Added PivotTable dynamic pivot control as a Javascript charting template

7. Metric Insights Website

a. \ Extended API to allow creating and modifying users and their Group assignments

8. \ Plug-ins

a. Added filtering support to Tableau Plugin and Visual Editor

b. Created Plugin and Visual Editor for FogBugz

9. \ Sys Admin Tool

a. Added automatic restart of in-progress data collection in the event of a DB or server re-start

b. Developed logging utility for Mysql processes to enhance system monitoring

10. \ Sysadmin & DBA Projects

a. Provided access to the System Status Monitor page Admin drop-down list and full Menu page

11. \ User Editor

a. Extended facility to create users from CVS to allow for specific group assignment


a. \ All Viewers: Improved processing time for adding and removing Segment Values

b. Metric Viewer: Any enabled Metric that the user is authorized to view can now be used as overlay, even if it is not visible on Home Page

4. Bug Fixes


a. All Element Editors

1) Fixed bug preventing accurate synchronization of external report lists

b. Multi-Metric Editor

1) Fixed problem that was causing some Metrics not to appear in Metric overlay list

c. \ Report Editor

1) Implemented better validation for loading CSV data into reports

2. Home Page

a. Fixed error with Favorites Folder duplication to preserve sort order of tiles

b. \ Removed immediate re-load of dashboard on adding of a tile to Favorites

3. \ Mysql Triggers & Stored Procedures

a. Improved performance of adding elements to Shared Favorites with very large numbers of users

4. \ Notification Digests

a. Provided new const.php parameter to enable suppression of the "What's Changed" section of Daily Digest email

5. Plug-ins

a. Fixed column ordering problem in Pig Plug-in

b. Improved error handling for Salesforce Plug-in

c. \ Resolved bug with Segment Value binding for 1010data drill-outs

6. \ Segment Editor

a. Optimized performance of Segment Value loading

7. Sys Admin Tool

a. Fixed various limitations with element migration script

8. Viewers

a. \ Annotation information added to Report downloads

b. Metric csv data download is now in tabular format


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