Release 3.0.578

Release 3.0.578 is the first release associated with Version 3 of Metric Insights. See below for a detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes.

The current release contains the following major new capabilities:

  • The Home Page has been re-designed and now includes a search window that provides a list of matching elements; items in the list can be selected by clicking them:
  • If any elements match the search criteria but are not visible, you will get a link where you can find those hidden tiles:  (This will help clean up the Home Page, by hiding elements that are less important.)
  • There is a new Custom Alert feature that enables each user to create his own Alerts directly from the Element Viewers
  • Alerts can be managed either from the element Viewer or from the new Alert Subscriptions Editor:  
  • The Dynamic Pivot Table has been polished ( and integrated into the core product:  (All of the required fields now can be selected using drop-down menus.)
  • On-demand Reporting is now available for reports that have thousands of Dimension Values. Report instances will be generated only when a user selects a Dimension Value in the Viewer. Generated instances will be retained in cache:  (We will enhance this feature to pre-generate the most popular Dimension Values.)
  • Significant performance improvements have been made to Home Page load times by using persistent client-side caching.

1. Implementation Procedure to Deploy Release on your own Server

If you are managing your own server, perform the following actions to deploy this new release:

1.  Login to your Metric Insights server as root

2.  run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-deploy comp Tools-Trunk tip

    a.  If  you do not have a recent backup, run: mi-app-backup

3.  If you do not already have a recent backup of your system, run:  sudo mi-app-backup

4.  run:  /usr/local/bin/mi-deploy  app inc 3.0.578

Contact Metric Insights Support at or 415.630.2100 x 107 for assistance.  

2. Implementation Process when Metric Insights Deploys Your Upgrade on our Server

If Metric Insights is administering your organization's instance, your Solution Architect will follow-up to discuss this release with you and coordinate a time for applying this upgrade.

3. Enhancements


a.   Implemented new Alert Preferences editor for managing Alert Subscription settings

b. Streamlined SMS Alerting content

c.   Added ability for users to create custom alerts

d.    Improved layout of Annotation and Alert Digests


a.   Allow Custom Compare Lines to be specified for a Metric


a.   Provided new setting that allows an Admin to require that Data Dependency be satisfied during *current* Data Collection cycle; e.g., today


a.  All Editors

(1)  Segments are now called Dimensions everywhere in Metric Insights

(2)  Support added for off-line validation of fetch commands

b.  Metric Editor

(1)  Progress meter is now displayed for Dimensioned elements, showing the number of Dimension Values for which charts have been generated

(2)  Implemented support for On-Demand Reporting

(3)  Implemented the ability to create multiple Aggregate Metrics automatically from a single source Metric

(4)  Modified Stoplight Comparison criteria to make it more intuitive

c.  Report Editor

(1) Added custom sorting capability to Bubble charts

(2)  Integrated Javascript dynamic Pivot Tables into the core product and made Dynamic Pivot an option alongside Static Pivot when adding a Pivot Table to a report

     (a)  These dynamic Pivot Tables allow the resulting tables to be reconfigured in the Browser by end-users

(3)  Improved CSV data loading validation processing

5.  HOME PAGE (All Views)

a.   Implemented browser user and session caching to speed-up page load time

b.  Added a blue progress bar to provide feedback on the status of the page loading process

c.  Provided ability to access hidden tiles from Home Page

d.  Re-vamped Home Page UI design

6.  PLUG-IN's

a.  Alerts for Tableau and other External Reports can now be viewed with the report within Metric Insights

b.  Added new mi:hour dimension for Google Analytics combining ga:date with ga:hour to create datetime values for Metrics

c.  Implemented SSRS plug-in

d.  Provided plug-in for

e.  Created new Zendesk plug-in

f.   Provided new Salesforce plug-in that uses SOQL queries instead of pre-built Salesforce reports


a.  Provided ability to dynamically construct hyperlinks to other applications from within Report data tables

b.  Implemented support for hyperlinking in Report data sets


a.  Provided logging of low disk space warning to mi.error as well as allowed threshold for warning to be set by MAX_USED_DISK_SPACE_PERCENT parameter in const.php


a.  Added new Privilege to allow Power Users to define new Measures


a.  Extended Dynamic Pivot control to support multiple Measures on the Report Viewer

4. Bug Fixes

Fixed a number of issues with drill-down from Reports to Metrics


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