Release 3.2.792

Metric Insight's latest release, 3.2.792  is now available for use by Metric Insights' customers.

Below are implementation procedures and detailed information about:

  • Key New Features
  • Major Enhancements
  • Other New Functionality

1. Implementation Procedure to deploy the release on your own server

To deploy the latest version, please perform the following actions:


1.  Login to your Metric Insights server as root.


2.  Run the following command from a shell prompt:  


mi-deploy comp Tools-Trunk tip


3.  If you do not have a recent backup of your system, run the following command:  




4.  Run the following command to upgrade your instance:  


mi-deploy -v app inc 3.2.792


If you encounter any issues in applying your upgrade, please contact us at We will provide any assistance that you require.

2. Implementation Process when Metric Insights Deploys Your Upgrade on our Server

If Metric Insights is administering your organization's instance, your Solution Architect will follow-up to discuss this release with you and coordinate a time for applying this upgrade.

3. Key New Features

  1. Report Bursting: Favorite folders can now be 'burst' to Groups of users on a scheduled basis.  See Article..
  2. Mobile: Alerts now appear in alert tray on iOS and Android Smartphones as well as on Android watches.  See Article.
  3. Embedding: Complete Metric Insights dashboard can now be embedded in your own web page.
  4. New Plugins: Microstrategy, Qliksense, Hubspot, Essbase
  5. Element Viewers: "Expert Commentary" section has been added to element Viewers.
  6. Security Model:  Power Users can now edit and create dimensions. See Aticle.

4. Major Enhancements


  1. Metric and Report Editors: New 'tabbed' editors are cleaner and easier to use.
  2. Alerts: Alert owners can now create custom names for Alerts.  See aricle.
  3. Home Page: Sort order for Categories can now be set arbitrarily, just as with Favorite folders.
  4. Visual Editors: New streamlined Visual Editors created for many of our plugins.
  5. Single Sign-on:  SAML Integration is now supported using okta.
  6. Login Page: New "Login with Google" feature has been added to Login page.
  7. Groups: Group membership can now be managed by uploading CSV files.
  8. Element Migration: Element migration can now be accomplished from user interface.

5. Other New Functionality

  1. Element Viewers: Statistical View can now be set as the default.
  2. Home Page: Tiles can be filtered to select Good News or Bad News alerts.
  3. Usage Monitoring: Clicking on URLs that navigate to External Reports is now logged in Dashboard Database..
  4. Email Templates: Standard email Headers may be created, and there is a Preview button available to see how they look.  See article.
  5. New Integrations: Qlik Integration wizard has been created and is similar to Tableau Integration Wizard.
  6. Logging: Multiple system performance Metrics are now logged in Dashboard Database.
  7. Error Logs: Log files can now be emailed to Metric Insights Support.


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