Release 4.0

Metric Insight's latest release, 4.0 is now available for use by Metric Insights' customers.

Below is detailed information about:

  • Noteworthy Features
  • Other Improvements
  • Known Issues

1. Noteworthy Features

1.  Homepage

    Improved the MI homepage by:

  • Adding a Grid view that allows you to re-size and re-order tiles to create a custom layout of your tiles
  • Providing a List view makes it possible to scroll through current values, Alerts, and changes quickly
  • Supporting existing capabilities on both new views
  • Making permanent the left sidebar that lists Favorite Folders and Categories; i.e., it cannot be collapsed/hidden nd does not include individual elements
  • Giving Admins a facility to sort elements using the new “Re-sort Elements” option

Details can be viewed here

2.  Change Reports

  • Providing Change Reports that allow you to compare two versions of a Report and surface only rows that have changed; e.g., compare yesterday’s list of customers to today’s list and tell me when any balances have gone below zero
  • Allowing Change Reports to be created easily using a simple GUI
  • Supporting Alerts that can be set up to notify you of any changes

Details can be viewed here

3.  Revamped Charting engine

  • Upgrading the charting engine to use dynamic JavaScript charting, that enables a modern, interactive experience with your charts
  • Supporting Date range selection, specific point information, and related context via the chart to help provide the right context to trends and Alerts

4.  Anomaly Detection & Alerting

 Streamlining Alert creation and management by making each Alert its own object that supports:

  • Adding global Alert rules that apply to many Metrics at once
  • Customizing Alert scheduling, designing email templates, formatting SMS push notification formatting, and choosing what gets sent with the Alert
  • Allowing end-users to create Alerts and subscribe to existing Alerts

2. Other Improvements

Sub-Categories — Adding hierachies to help organize elements, and making all Category levels  accessible via a redesigned Homepage drill-down menu. If access is granted to a one Category within a family tree, the User or Group will gain access to all subordinate Categories.

Managed and Shareable Overlays — Making it easy to add compare lines (by time or by Metric) using the Overlays button in the Metric Viewer; allowing Admins to add overlays, share and lock them so they are displayed for everyone else while ensuring that Recipients only see overlaid Charts to which they already have access.

Favorites Digest and Burst email templates — Providing new layout options  for Favorites Digests and Burst emails and making available a set of ‘locked’ defaults that can be used as source for copies and modifications

Report Alerts — Providing a new wizard that allows for the easy creation of Alerts based on Change Reports

Certification — Providing an option of showing a "Certified" icon on tiles as a means for users to identify data that has been approved by the responsible parties and allowing this feature to be turned on in Metric Insights via a config variable. Details can be viewed here

Integrations —  Creating new wizards for easier content creation using Tableau and QlikView and Qlik Sense Integrations

Security— Establishing four new new Privileges for “Create Content using…. (CSV Files, Existing Metrics, Existing Reports and Single Report)”  that are available for assignment to a Group or individual Power User.  In previous releases, all Power Users received these automatically as “below the line” non-configurable Data Sources.  

  • During migration, existing customers’ Power Users and the Default Group will be granted all four Privileges so as not to disrupt current operations
  • Customers implemented during 4.0  as well as new Power Users for existing customers will only receive these Privileges via the Default Group or Admin action.
  • See Known Issues below for more information about a limitation of this feature

3. Known Issues


  1. Internet Explorer (versions 10 and 11) not supported until patch release, March 2.
  2. Power Users granted edit access to elements will not be automatically granted any of the four new “create content”  Privileges in the same manner as is provided for configurable Data Sources (SQL or Plug-in based).  Admins must grant these Privileges to the Power User’s group or individually before edit access to single elements or those within a Category takes effect.
  3. Public dashboard feature no longer supported.


  1. No longer support custom charting layouts for Metrics
  2. Previous charting parameters for Multi-Metrics and Metrics are unsupported including:
    - Stacked Bar charts not supported for Multi-Metrics
    - Line markers are no longer an option — automatically shown for charts with <100 data points, otherwise removed.
  3. Annotations are not displayed on overlays in Metric Viewer
  4. Metric information on hover not supported
  5. It is possible to add compare lines even if range doesn’t exist yet; e.g., show prior year, when only 10 months of data exist.
  6. Multi-Metrics — no longer support ‘chart in thumbnail’ option
  7. Do not support the display of future Events and Annotations (chart will not extend to show them).


  1. Behavior changed from 3.3:
    • Alerts on unsegmented Metrics cannot send segmented report.
    • Alerts associated with multiple Reports can now only send one Report.  If multiple Reports were previously associated, the first report chosen is migrated definition to 4.0
    • There is no more ‘sharing Alerts’; instead users can be added to the scope of an Alert under the KPI and Global Alerts editor pages.


  1. iPhone, iPad and Android apps are in Beta, full releases will arrive XXX
  2. iPad app limits functionality to content consumption: intended for browsing dashboard, viewing Metrics. You cannot manage or edit content.


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