Release 4.1

Metric Insight's latest release, 4.1 is now available for use by customers.

Below is detailed information about:

  • What's New in Version 4.1
  • Other Improvements
  • Bugs fixed
  • Known Issues

Data Trust:  Coming in June

Data Trust:  Track anomalies within your data and manage data collection and reporting

  • Create and manage canary metrics and anomaly detection
  • Based on results of anomaly detection:
    • Be notified when data does not look normal
    • Automatically manage Tableau reporting refresh schedules
    • Manage MI data collection and downstream reporting

Communication & Design

New Navigation Menu

New Navigation Menu

The system navigation menu has been improved and re-organized to make it more intuitive and handy. The updated Admin and a new Content menus allow you to access what you need right away. These drop-down menus replace the entire Admin page and the old Admin menu used in Version 4.0 and prior ones. For more details see Accessing Admin Editors and Functions (Version 4.1).

Homepage message

Homepage message

To inform Metric Insights Users (everyone or specific User types; e.g., Regular Users or Admins) on any news, changes or instructions essential for the seamless company operation, the new Homepage message feature has been provided.  When enabled, the message is displayed at the top of the Homepage below the page filters in Tile, List, Grid and News Views.  For more details see Creating a Homepage Message (Version 4.1).

Metric Viewer Summary

Statistics summary information at a glance has been added next to the chart in the Preview and full Viewer.

In the new Version, the Metric summary is disabled by default. You can enable it via one of the ways shown at the screen above:

  1. Metric Editor > Charting tab > set Show Summary option to 'yes'
  2. Quick Edit > set Show Summary option to 'yes'

Non-unique Category Names

In Version 4.1 Categories with duplicate names can be established in one of the following ways:

  1. Identical Subcategories can be created for different Categories
  2. An unlimited number of Subcategories with non-unique names can be created at different levels of hierarchy

NOTE: The subcategory is shown at the Homepage once at least one element is added there.

Admin log-in to other user's account

Admin log-in to other user's account

When an Administrator logs in as a different User in order to trouble-shoot a User's problem, the top banner changes color to remind the Administrator to return to his/her own account to have access to full system functionality.  For further details on how this works, see Debugging User Problems: Log in as a different user

Content Management

Alerts Management

New Overview and User Alert tools have been developed for Administrators to track what alerts were generated, why, and who received them. All Alert management pages have been consolidated to a single dashboard for KPI, Global, and Report Alerts accessible via the Contents Menu > Alerts. View details at Alert Overview and Management tools

Bulk Change

Bulk Change

Applying mass changes to multiple elements has been made easier through the expanded Bulk Change feature found in the Elements List

Related Elements Visualization

Related Elements Visualization

A new option has been added to the element Editor to show the relationship of a certain element to other related Reports, Metrics and Alerts. A new icon for this feature is located to the left of Add, Duplicate, Delete and Search icons at the Element Editors.

Data Pipeline Visualization will be implemented in June with the Data Trust feature

This new feature allows you to track that status of your Data Collection Triggers and Notification Schedules.


Custom Subtotals in Dimensions

Custom Subtotals in Dimensions

Create custom subtotals over selected Dimension Values and show appear in Metric Viewer; for example,  'Western Territory Subtotal' can contain an arbitrary selection of Dimension Values in that territory. For details on setting up the subtotals, see Add a Total or Subtotal to a Simple Dimension.

Attachments in Expert Analysis

Attachments in Expert Analysis

You can now attach files to Expert Analysis as well as to Annotations and Comments.  Animated .GIFs are also now supported in Comments.  For details on accessing this function, see What is Expert Analysis?

Event Calendars applied to a Metric

Event Calendars applied to a Metric

The list of Event Calendars applied to a Metric has been added to the Manage Overlays pop-up screen. This allows any user to choose which Events should be displayed at their customized Chart views by selecting Event Calendars from this list.

Mobile Version Enhancements

Mobile Version Enhancements
  1. Homepage Design: Redesigned for a more compact overview of all metrics, allowing you to scan through quickly and see trends and impacted metrics together at a glance
  2. Simplified Metric Viewer: Metric Viewer was simplified to create a more refined experience
  3. Deep Linking: When the application is deployed via enterprise distribution, we now have the ability to recognize Metric Insights links and open in MI Mobile rather than web browser

Developer Tools

  1. Custom Scripts: Custom scripts can be written and run as part of Notification Schedules. This allows you to extend and automate almost any action in your data pipeline.
  2. Trigger Names and API Triggers: Trigger name constraints have been relaxed and can now contain spaces, caps and other characters.  Also, the API has been modified so Triggers will be called based on Trigger ID, not Data Collection name
  3. Numerous API enhancements:
    • A Burst may now be trigger via the API, allowing you to automate distribution of content. For more details see Bursts API
    • Targets van be created and enabled via API calls, new associations van be created or deleted. For more details see Target API
    • Various Alert Rule types can be created via API. For more details see Alerts API

Bugs Fixed


  • Drill-down navigation error: Drill-down in data point menu was occasionally leading to a wrong Dimension; this has been fixed


  • Last Alert date error: The last date of the Alert is no longer being displayed inaccurately in the Metric Viewer > Alert Subscriptions > Alert Recipients
  • An issue with auto-subscription to Alert Rules when using Tableau Integration: When a new Alert was added to a Metric that was generated via Tableau Integration, the Alert and Metric creators were not subscribed to this Alert automatically, although the subscription was confirmed in Alert Creation Wizard during the Alert creation. The subscription now is created automatically.
  • An Alert Rule evaluation logic issue has been fixed


  • A Burst Preview issue: In the Burst Preview page, the whole image did not fit the pop-up borders. Horizontal scroll has been added to the Burst Preview pop-up


  • Unmasked password when creating a Splunk plugin: When a new Plugin connection is established, the credentials to the corresponding Data Source (username and password) is now provided along with other required information, and the password field was unmasked. These are not being passed properly.


  • An error when gathering data for Dimensioned Exception Reports: When the Dimension of the dimensioned Exception Report was sourced from 'Metric and Report Data', no data was validated for this report.
  • An Issue with Excel file download: In case of an attempt to download a Report as an Excel file, the file size was "0" bites.  There have been no similar issue with CSV files.  All file types are downloaded correctly now.

Known Issues


  • Display Masks: Display masks cannot be applied to Dynamic Pivot Tables since by design, dynamic pivot tables use raw values, including dates
  • Range Selector Issue: Range Selector is not functioning properly on Highcharts (the slider of a Range Selector cannot be moved as expected)

Digests and Bursts: Low MI instance server capacity may cause intermittent errors with generating charts for Multi-Metrics in Digests and Bursts. If you encountered this issue, the server capacity improvement is recommended


  • Notes added to Reports (Internal and External) are currently cannot be edited
  • Highcharts are displayed incorrectly on Nexus devices (Android)
  • Apple Watch:
    • Chart image in alerts is not displayed properly
  • Android Wear:
    • Voice comments aren't being posted
    • Metric alert icons are not displayed correctly
    • When opening an application though a new Alert, the app is not opened at the page of the element that sent an Alert


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