API Test Tool

The API Test Tool can be used to:

This article describes the process used in one example API call.

1. Obtain API token for your session

The API Token is required for all subsequent API calls. This token is short lived so you will have to repeat this step to get a new token when the previous token expires.For detailed instruction on getting an API token, refer to this article.

2. Explore API calls

Explore API calls

The Item drop-down list contains the available API calls.

3. Choose API Item

  1. Choose the API to call. In this example, we choose 'metric' from the drop down list
  2. Each API call has a set of available methods. Choose the Method in the API call. In this example we choose a GET method.
  3. Specify the metric ID
  4. Run request

4. View results in the 'Response' field