Overview of the NEWS view - not supported after Version 5.2

This View allows users to see each tile and all Collaborative Items associated with it.  A Collaborative Item is one of the following added to any Chart :  

  • Note
  • Comment
  • Event
  • Alert
  • Annotation 

From the News view, you can:

  1. Originate a Discussion by adding a new Note
  2. Comment on another Collaborative Item
  3. Follow a Discussion or another User
  4. Unfollow a Discussion or another User

NOTE: Many of the articles in this Manual, Adding Context to Metrics,  may not have been changed to conform to new Version 4.0 UI changes - they still work as indicated except that the Collaborative view has been replaced with the News view. Thank you for your patience!

1. Select the News view on Homepage

Select the News view on Homepage

Click the News icon the far right of Tile on your Home Page to open this view

2. Filter your View as required

Filter your View as required

Note that the element with the most recent Collaborative item displays first; then all items for that Element are displayed in Reverse order with the Comments for those items in Chronological order to facilitate reading.

  1. The Left Sidebar is included and functions the same way that it does when on the Tile view: i.e.: only KPI Element's are displayed in this example
  2. Select a Display period to limit your search to items created or commented on within a period of 1 to 90 days
  3. Click on a specific Collaborative type's tab to restrict the view to only those type of items; this example includes Everything

3. Adding Notes

Adding Notes

Notes start Discussions on a Tile or Chart/Report and are added as follows:

  1. The Tile shown above has an existing Note
  2. To add your own Note, click in the text block next to the Note
  3. Click Attach a file to add a a document or image to your Note
  4. Click Share to send a Notification email to selected recipients
  5. Don't forget to click Post note
  6. As the author of this Note, you automatically Follow it; you can always click Unfollow this discussion

3.1. Comments on a Note

Comments on a Note

Commenting on a Note extends the discussion that began with its entry

After clicking the Add Comment link, the pop-up expands to look similar to a Note's entry with the same Attach a File and Share Options

  1. Enter the text of your Comment and, optionally, Attach a file and/or Share with other users
  2. Post comment

NOTE:  You are considered to be following any discussion on which you comment

4. Comment on existing Annotations, Events, and Alerts

Comment on existing Annotations, Events, and Alerts

A Comment added to any of these Collaboration Items work the same as adding a Comment to a Note; start with clicking the Add Comment link

  1. Enter the text of your Comment and, optionally, Attach a file and/or Share
  2. Post comment

5. Share an Existing Item

Share an Existing Item

 In this case, we are sharing an existing Annotation, but the process is the same when you share an existing Event, Alert, Note or Comment

  1. Click Share
  2. On the Share Annotation pop-up, enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s)
  3. Optionally, click Share with a link to find/select Users from a Pop-up list
  4. Enter/Modify the default Personal Note
  5. Click Share to send a Notification email to designated recipients

6. Identify Insightful items

Identify Insightful items
  1. Click the "lightbulb" icon to identify the Collaborative Item as one that people view as "insightful"
  2. After clicking the icon, a "count" appears showing how many people find this comment "insightful" and, if you hover, the display identifies those whom find it to be insightful too.