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Overview - Data Trust Flow (not supported after version 5.2)

Access Data Trust tab in the Status Monitor

Select [+ Add Data Trust Flow] to begin

Data Trust Flow Editor overview

  1. Flow Name will default to a unique name, but you can modify to something meaningful
  2. Add 'Canary Metrics': add your business and operational KPI's that measure the health of your company or system. They are collected every day in a 'data collection trigger.'.
  3. MI analyzes your Canary Metrics using Anomaly metrics and Alerts that are pre-programmed. You may add Metrics or Alerts for any additional needs.
  4. An Anomaly Digest is automatically setup for you. Every day you'll get an email summary of your metrics in a digest. You can review and control the flow right from your email
  5. Here you can set up MI to control any further internal data collection, or run scripts that trigger your external reporting schedules (like Tableau).

Add Canary Metrics  

  1. Select [+ Add Metrics] button from Canary Metrics section of Data Trust Flow Editor
  2. Note that you should create new or duplicate existing KPI elements since these will exist in a different Collection Trigger. In this example, we have prefixed our KPI's with 'Canary' for clarity
  3. Select your metric using the Check boxes

Add Selected

4.     Your selections appear in Selected Metric grid

Review, Modify, or Add Anomaly Metric & Alerts

  1. To Review or Modify a Metric or associated alert, click on the Metric name
  2. Optionally, you can add your own Metric with Alerts

Standard Anomaly Metrics example

Associating additional Alert Rules

Adding a Metric will send out the Anomaly Digest rather than the standard Metric or Report originally generated for all existing Rules associated with that Metric

Your Anomaly Digest

  1. You can preview your Digest contents
  2. You can also alter or add to the Users receiving this Digest daily. The Data Trust Group is generated automatically to include all Administrators

Setup Dependent Actions to occur after Data Trust Processing with No Anomalies

Note: processing will stop if an Anomaly level is triggered

  1. You can request that future processing will halt for a given period of time. This allows you time to review the Data Trust Digest to determine if any errors exist that were not sufficient to satisfy the criteria for halting the flow.  The Digest provides a means to manually halt processing directly from Digest.
  2. Select a User-defined Script(s) to run after Data Trust Flow complete
  3. Select existing Data Collection Trigger(s) to begin regular daily process flow