Establish connectivity to Treasure Data

This article describes the process of connecting to a Treasure Data Server in order to use their reports as data sources in Metric Insights.


Before you begin, be sure that you have:

1. Access Admin > Data Sources

  1. At the bottom of the screen click [+ New Data Source].
  2. The Select the Type of New Data Source pop-up opens.

2. Select "Other" Data Source Type and choose "Treasure Data" from the drop-down list

3. Provide the required Treasure Data Parameters

  1. Data Source Name: is defaulted but may be modified
  2. Enter apiKey
  3. Enter the Database name

Save your entries.

Optional Parameters

Parameter Description
API Server Define the Treasure Data Server.
Job Type Possible values:
HIVE ("hive"), MAPRED ("mapred"), IMPALA ("impala"), PRESTO ("presto"), UNKNOWN ("none")
Timeout (seconds) Specify the allowed time period during the response from the server shall be received.
Use Unix Timestamps TRUE - the Unix format timestamp is to be used; FALSE - the Metric Insigtht's format timestamp is to be used.

4. Other Settings

  1. You can create elements or Datasets directly from the respective tabs
  2. Click Permissions to assign them to Groups or Power Users