Installing Insightd on Windows Servers

Requirements: The Remote Data Collector requires Java to run on Windows Server. If you need to install Java on Windows, please get the latest runtime package from the Java Download site.

This article assumes you have configured a Remote Data Collector profile, as described in Configuring a Remote Data Collector

If you encounter any problems you can troubleshoot your remote data collector setup.

[Release 6.x]: 'Remote Data Collector' renamed to 'Remote Data Processor'

1. Admin > Remote Data Collectors

Download the Insightd installer from Metric Insights

On the Windows Server that you plan to install on, open a web browser and point it to your metric insights server. Log in as admin, and go to Admin -> Remote Data Collectors.

2. Select the data collector that you wish to download

3. Download the Remote Data Collector (Insightd) zip file

When downloading the zip file, you might get an error message that warns you that the insightd zip isn't normally downloaded. Tell the browser that you're sure you want the zip file. We promise it's not dangerous.


4. Extract the zip file

Extract the zip file

4.1. Unzip and Run insightd-installer.exe

5. Start the Insightd Windows Service

Navigate to the Windows Services list and start the Metric Insights Daemon service

Start the Insightd Windows Service

6. Check the Windows Event log for any errors

If you notice that the service hasn't started for some reason, check the Event Viewer for more information. All event logs will be filed under Event Viewer (Local) > Applications and Services Logs > Metric Insights Daemon.

You can also reference more on how to troubleshoot your remote data collector setup.