MI Preflight: Plugin pre-check tool

MI Preflight is an admin tool for running preliminary tests before installing a Remote Data Collector on your Windows server. 

A Remote Data Collector is necessary for integrations with:

  • QlikView
  • Qlik Sense
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tibco Spotfire

The MI Preflight application checks:

  1. System Specifications
  2. Java Version
  3. Ports needed for the relevant integration

[Release 6.x]: 'Remote Data Collector' renamed to 'Remote Data Processor'

1. Download the MI Preflight app

  1. When unzipping the mipreflight.zip package, you might get a warning message from your Windows Defender SmartScreen:
    • Click [More info] and proceed
  2. Run the tool

2. Run availability checks

To confirm the availability of the required services:

  1. Click [Check service availability...]
  2. Select the services to check
  3. Enter the Target Server URL
  4. Your Report will be generated for you
    • Review the provided information
    • Optionally, Save your Report for future reference

3. Download the Report

Upon Save, a Report text file is generated. If troubleshooting is required, email the file to [email protected] 

What's next?

If no issues with the services availability have been detected, you can proceed to Configuring Remote Data Collectors