Establish Connectivity to Apple App Store Connect

This article details how to connect to Apple App Store Connect Plugin.


Generate API Key
  1. From Users and Access, click Keys. The page opens with App Store Connect API selected.
  2. [Generate API Key]
    • If you already have an Active API key generated,  click the Add (+) icon to add it
  3. Enter a name for the key. It is for reference only and is not part of the key itself.
  4. Under Access, select the role permissions to determine the API's use
  5. [Generate]
    • NOTE: Once you generate an API key, you won't be able to edit its name or access level. If  changes are required, revoke the API key and generate a new one.

1. Create New Data Source

Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources

  1. [+ New Data Source]
  2. Choose "Apple App Store Connect" from the Other drop-down list
  3. [Next Step]

2. Specify Required Parameters

  1. Input a descriptive phrase in Data Source Name
  2. Enter Issuer ID 
  3. Insert Private key 
    • NOTE: Do not change the original key structure or format
  4. Input Private key ID 
  5. Specify Report Date in the following format:
    • For YEARLY report: YYYY; e.g., 2020
    • For MONTHLY report: YYYY-MM; e.g. ,2020-10
    • For WEEKLY report: YYYY-MM-DD of Monday; e.g., in 2020, sample format is 2020-10-12
    • For DAILY report: YYYY-MM-DD; e.g., 2020-10-13
  6. Specify Report Frequency: "DAILY", "WEEKLY", "MONTHLY", "YEARLY"
  7. Provide Vendor Number

Parameters Issuer ID and Private key ID are automatically generated when creating Private key (API Key) in App Store Connect account.

Vendor Number can be viewed from the homepage > Payments and Financial Reports.


  • DAILY reports are available the following day.
  • WEEKLY reports are available on Mondays.
  • MONTHLY reports are available five days after the end of the month.
  • YEARLY reports are available six days after the end of the year.
  • Reports are generally available by 8 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

3. Proceed with Advanced Configuration

Advanced Configuration settings can be set to default values unless Data Source requires more precise tuning. For more details on how to proceed, refer to Advanced Data Source Configuration.

Optionally, click [Test Connection] in the upper right corner