How to Collect Data using MongoDB Plug-in

This article will show you how to create an Element using the MongoDB plug-in as a data source. It assumes that you have already established connectivity to MongoDB.

1.  Add a new element

1.  Add a new element

2.  Provide basic information on Wizard (or Editor) - report example

  1.    Specify what this report is measuring.  If you do not see the measure that you want to use, you can create one from this drop-down
  2.    Select the Measurement Interval that applies to your element
  3.    Give the element a unique name
  4.    Optionally, assign a Category


3.  Full Editor displays the Data Collection tab

  1. Select BOBJ plug-in in Data Source drop-down
  2. Set Data collection schedule
  3. Input Plug-in command
  4. Validate statement

4.  Enable & Publish

  1. Sample result set is Displayed

Enable & publish

5.  Report will be displayed in viewer