Collect data from Beckon

This article demonstrates how to create a Metric or Report using a Beckon as a data source. It assumes that you have already established connectivity to Beckon Server.

1. Access New > Metric

Access New > Metric

Provide the basic information required for creating a new metric:

  1. Define this Metric's Measure.  If you do not see the measure that you want to use, you can create one directly from the bottom of this drop-down list
  2. Select the Measurement Interval that applies to your element
  3. Give the element a unique Name
  4. Optionally, assign a Category
  5. Click Next: define details

NOTE:  To create a dimensioned Metric, you first need to create a Dimension sourced from the same data source.

2. Configure Data Collection

Configure Data Collection
  1. Select the Beckon plug-in serving as a Data Source for this Metric
  2. Set the Data Collection Trigger which is going to initiate updating information in a Metric
  3. Select a Beckon Report (workbook) from drop-down list.
  4. Input Plugin Command manually (you may reference a table with parameters below) or use a Visual Editor
  5. Validate your command. If your statement is valid, the statement box is green; if there are any errors, the box is colored in red and errors will be explained in the field below.
  6. Collect Data and Enable and Publish