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Control Access to Target View for a Metric (obsolete in v5.5)

In Release 5.5.0, this Privilege was removed and Users with view access to a Metric can see all available Views

The ability to access a Target View is a Privilege assigned to a Group or a specific User.  All Administrators, new Power Users and All Access Groups and their members are automatically granted this Privilege.

To grant this Privilege, an Administrator uses the same process on the Info tab of either of the following:

  • Group Editor:  To give Target viewing to the Group and all its members
  • User Editor:  To provide this to:

       a. Regular Users:  Who are limited to accessing the Target View of any Metric to which they have View Access Permission

       b.  Power Users:  Can be granted Edit Access to a Target.  See Enabling Power Users to Manage Targets for more information.

1. Access User or Group Editor via Admin Menu

  1. Page down to the Assigned Privileges section and review any already assigned Privileges to see if "Access Target View" has been previously granted
  2. Click [+ Privilege to Group] (or User if on User Editor)

The Add privilege to Group/User pop-up opens

2. Grant Target View Privilege

Grant Target View Privilege

Check the box for "Access Target View". I


3. New Privilege will appear in Assigned Privileges grid