Event Calendar Security (prior to Release 5.3.0)

  • At the Group level,  you can grant Permission to maintain Events associated with an Event Calendar. This Permission will be added to all Users that are Members of the Group.
  • At the User level, you can grant the same Permission to individual users.

Also, you can use the Permissions feature on the Event Calendar Editor to grant access.  See Define an Event Calendar for more information.


  • All members of the Group which has been granted access to an Event Calendar (in the example below: 'Finance' Group) can add Events to this Event Calendar (in the Event Calendar Editor or in the Metric Viewer where this Calendar has been applied)
  • Any Power User that is defined as the Owner of the Event Calendar or who creates a new Event Calendar, can both maintain Events and access the Event Calendar Editor

1. Access Admin > Groups

  1. The list of groups available in Metric Insights opens
  2. Select a required Group from the list. The Group Editor opens

2. Adding Event Security via a Group Editor

  1. Open the Favorites and Events tab
  2. Click [+ Event Calendar]

The Add Event Calendar for Which Group Members Can Modify Events pop-up opens.

2.1. Select an Event Calendar from the drop-down list

Save your selection.

2.2. Review the grid

A new Event Calendar has been added to the grid.

3. Adding Event Security via a User Editor

  1. In the Group Editor open the Members tab
  2. Select one of the Group members to open his/her User Editor

3.1. Review the Event Calendars assigned to a User

  1. In the User Editor open Favorites and Events tab
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and preview the Calendars in the Group and Directly Assigned Event Calendars grid
  3. Click the Source link to determine how the user gained access to the Event Calendar
  4. The Source of Access pop-up opens showing how the resource is assigned to a User (in our example via the 'Finance' Group)
  5. If you want to directly add access to another Event Calendar to this user, click [+ Event Calendar] above the grid and follow the same process as for a Group