Announcement Security 6.1 and beyond

In Release 6.1, existing Announcement Privilege is updated in order to allow Power Users to suppress Announcements from displaying on Elements to which the Power User has Edit Access.

This functionality is always available to an Administrator.

Modified Privilege

If a Power User has this modified Privilege and full Edit Access to an element and its tiles/charts, the PU can delete Comments, Expert Analysis and Annotations as well as remove Announcements associations just as an Admin can do, regardless of who created the Collaborative item or Announcement.


Suppress an Announcement from Element's Viewer

If the Power User has Edit Access to the Element being viewed and it has an Announcement visible on its Viewer:

  1. Click "Suppress" link on the Announcement
  2. Click OK on the popup

The Announcement no longer shows on the Element's Viewer.

Review the Announcement Editor Element Log (> Elements tab)

A log of "Suppressed Elements List" is maintained on the Announcement Editor > Elements tab > below the Elements grid and has the following columns:

  1. Name containing an active link to the Elements Editor
  2. Type displaying the type of Element that was removed
  3. User identifying the First and Last Name of the person who suppressed the Announcement for that element with an Active Name Link to the User's Editor
  4. Date & Time with datetime the suppression was effected

An entry is made in this log whenever an element associated with the Announcement is suppressed from displaying it.

Element Editor Announcement Log ( > Associations tab)

An Announcements log is kept on the Element Editor > Associations tab in the last grid that has the following columns:

  • Name containing an active link to the Announcement's Editor
  • Status
    1. If not suppressed: Shows link "Suppress" with hover "Suppress Announcement from this Element"
    2. If suppressed: Contains "Suppressed by <FirstName LastName> at <Datetime>" and a revert icon that, if clicked, shows the Announcement on the Element's Viewer again