Set a Custom System-wide message for "Access Denied" - Obsolete

In Version 6.2.1 We implemented a new System Variable to provide a custom message for object Access Requests made from an Error / Access Denied popup.

[6.3.2 Release] The default message for "Access Denied" has been completely updated. See [6.3.2] Provide Tile Information on Access Denied Popup

1. Current message sent to User Support (system default)

Access Denied - Google Chrome

Selecting Request Access defaults to message in yellow

2. Access Admin > System >System Variables

Variables - Google Chrome
  1. Enter No_Access in Search field to narrow options
  2. To use system default message, leave blank
  3. Edit to define Custom Message

3. Set Custom Message (example)

Variables - Google Chrome
Variables - Google Chrome

Be sure to Commit Changes.

4. Example of new Message to System Admins

Access Denied - Google Chrome