[6.3.2] Provide Tile Information on Access Denied Popup

When a customized "Access Denied" message has not been created and our default message is used, clients have asked that we provide more information about the requested element.  We will now display all tile information and optionally, based on System Variable(s), access to any documents associated with a tile.

Information in this article:

  1. Old Default Message  
  2. New Updated Message  
  3. To Include Document Links   (optional)


1. Old Default Message When Access is Denied

Demo - Google Chrome

2. New Updated Message with Tile Information

Demo Portal - Google Chrome
Star - Google Chrome

3. To Include Document Links on Default Message

Access Admin > System >System Variables

Variables - Google Chrome

Confirm System Variables Set to "Yes"

  1. Discoverable in Search field to narrow options
  2. Verify that required Variables are set to "Y":

If system defaults have been changed, set both variables to "Y" and commit your changes

3.1. Example of Access Denied with Display Documents

Access Denied - Google Chrome
  1. Click on Documents image to display Documents associated with this element
  2. Click on name to access the Document(s)
3.2. How Documents are Associated with Element

Access element editor > Documents tab

External Report Editor - Google Chrome