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Understanding Privileges for Creating Content (Release 5.2.1 and beyond)

For Creating Content in earlier releases, see Understanding Privileges for Creating Content (prior to Version 5.2.1)

Beginning 5.2.1, additional Privileges have been added:

  • Create content using Existing Datasets (SQL)
  • Create Data Collection Triggers
  • Create Data Dependencies
  • Create Data Sources
  • Create Folders
  • Create Groups
  • Create Slideshows
  • Create FTP Connections
  • Create high-frequency schedules

Power Users who are members of a Group that has these Privileges inherit them as with any other Privilege or Permission.  Power Users may receive any or all of these Privilege via direct assignment on their User Editor.

Instance configuration rules for customers who first install Metric Insights from Release 5.3 and beyond:

  • Beginning  with Release 5.3.0, a selected set of Privileges are automatically granted to the Default Group  Metric Insights and are inherited by Power Users who are added to the Default Group
  • No other Groups or Power Users receive these Privileges automatically at configuration or subsequent to installation

Existing Power Users

Existing Power Users who are not assigned to the Default Group must be granted these Privileges individually or be in a Group to which these Privileges have been granted by an Admin.

All Access Groups (after release 5.3)

  • A selected set of Privileges  are automatically granted to any All Access Group created by any customers

On the Group or User Editor's Information Tab:

  1. Select one or more of the new Privileges
  2. Save

1. Privileges and Permissions control Data Sources available to Power User when creating a new element

Power User creates a new element and sees the following in the Data Source drop-down list:

  1. Two non-configurable Data Sources automatically granted to all Power Users:  Creating an element with data from an "External Process" or using the feature to "Aggregate a Metric"; these cannot be taken away from a Power User
  2. Any of the available Create Content Privileges granted to a Power User or inherited from the Group(s) to which the Power User belongs (determined by the release currently installed for the customer)
  3. Any configurable Data Source that the Power User has been granted Permission to use in fetching data for a new element or editing an existing element to which the Power User has Edit Access

NOTE:   Configurable Data Sources are SQL or Plug-in based and defined by a customer Admin using the associated Data Source Editor.  Non-Configurable Data Sources are the six shown below the dotted line in the image above, and require no customer action to initiate....they are delivered with Metric Insights.