Re-order the Report Sections

Re-ordering and as been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

The 'Report Content' tab of the 'Report Editor' contains a hierarchical (tree structure) depicting the various components included in this Internal Report. When a Report is initially defined and previewed, ‘Report Content’ contains only an "anchor" tree structure. The order in which the tree is constructed guides the display sequence of sections in a Full Chart view. The system provides you with a click/drag/drop feature that allows you to change the order of display of the contents of the Report folder's tree structure by moving an item up or down.

Note:  The Report Editor format is slightly different in various versions

1. Example of initial Report Content

2. Reposition a Pivot with children

In this example, we are moving the 'Units Sold by Date' to be the first Pivot for display

2.1. Hover over, left-click and drag

  1. Drag until the 'not circle' disappears and that is where the component will be re-positioned.

2.2. Release mouse

The system moves the entry to its new position in the tree. Moving a parent takes all of its children with it.

3. In Report Viewer, the Units Sold by Date and associated Charts will be displayed first