Create a Report Chart with Two Y Axes

If you'd like to create a Report Chart that has both a Left and a Right Y Axis, this can be accomplished using data either from a Result Set or a Pivot Table.  Select the columns to be charted, assign each to an Axis and set the definitions of the trend line or bar.  

This lesson assumes that you have already created a report and are adding a new Chart.  

For information on creating a report, see the article:  Create a Simple (Undimensioned) Report

1. From the Report Editor, click "+ Chart" in the Report Content tab

2. Complete the Add Chart pop up  

  1. Select the Chart type
  2. Use drop-down to select Chart Layout
  3. Choose the Chart element default
  4. Select the column for the X-axis value


3. Chart Editor  Displays

  1. Input a unique Name
  2. Select Sort by field for X-axis
  3. Input X-axis title

4. Set Columns for Y Axes

  1. Change the Include column values to "selected"
  2. Click "+ New Column"

4.1. Add the columns for the Y Axes

Set Y Axes Columns one by one :

  1. Select an unused column to appear on one of the Y axes
  2. Define the display characteristics of the trend line's or bar construction
  3. Choose the Left Y Axis on which the selected column's increments/title will be displayed
  4. For explanation of Confidence Intervals, click here


Repeat the above steps for another column and assign to the Right Y Axis.

5. Review the Chart Selected Columns grid

  1. Check the settings on the Column's row in the grid
  2. The settings may be edited or deleted using the icons on each row

When satisfied, Save and Publish your chart.

6. Chart is Published and displayed in the Viewer