Select a Thumbnail and Preview Image when there are multiple charts in a Report

Creating Reports has been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

The first Chart that you create for a Report is used, by default, as the Thumbnail image shown both on the Report's tile on the Home Page and the Report Preview.

If you create more than one chart for a Report, you will be able to designate the one that you want to use as a Thumbnail and Preview

1. Find the Report on your Home Page

Find the Report on your Home Page
  1. Click on the Edit (Gear) icon in the Tile's image to open the Report Editor

2. Set the Thumbnail Image in the Report Content tab

NOTE:    The Chart that you select in this setting is used in the display on the Report's tile (Thumbnail image) and Preview.  If your Report has no chart or only one, this setting is not shown because there is no choice for you to make

Using the Thumbnail pick list to see available Charts:

  1. Notice that the selected Chart is the one currently used for the Thumbnail and Preview
  2. Select the "Sales  vs. Visitors" chart

Save & Publish

3. Return to your Home page

1.  Click the Report's tile that now has the Line chart as the Thumbnail setting

2.  Note that the same chart is shown on the Preview page