Why do I receive an error when sourcing a Composite Report from Existing Report(s)

Creating Reports has been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

The Data Source of "Existing Report" can be used to create a new Report that depends upon data already incorporated in one or more previously created reports.


Each of the source reports must have its Result Set Table made available for use for a Composite Report

1.  Validate SQL statement

  1. Current Report is using Existing Reports - SQL as the Data Source
  2. Click Show data to validate SQL statement
  3. When you receive this validation message, open each source Report's Report Editor Page down to the Use Report as Source  and set to "yes" as defined in the following step

2.  Open the Source Report(s)

  1. Set Use Report as Source to "Yes"

Save & Publish

3.  Return to the Report in Step 1 and click 'Show data'

SQL statement validates without error and a Sample result set is returned.