Source a Report from Metrics

Creating both Reports and Metric has been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset feature - see Understanding Datasets

Reports can be created based on data from one or more Metrics that:

  • Are enabled
  • Have the same Measurement Interval as the Report
  • If the Report is configured with a Dimension, has the same Dimension

This allows you to be able to view all of that data in a tabular report and create Pivot Tables containing that data.   Measurement Time and Values are combined into one comprehensive data set.  The results can be shown in a Results Set Table or in Pivot Tables or Charts added to the Report.

Note:  The format of the Report Creation Wizard and Report Editor is slightly different in various versions.

1. Access New > Report

Access New > Report
  1. Input a meaningful Name
  2. Select Standard Report as type
  3. Choose Reported interval
  4. Optionally, select a Category

Next: Define Report

2. Define Data Collection

  1. Select  'Existing Metrics'  as Data Source from the drop-down
  2. Click [+ New Metric]

3. Example of adding Dimensioned Metric to a non-dimensioned Report

  1. Select Category
  2. Choose Metric name from list
  3. Select Dimension Value if applicable
  4. Set Include in result table to "yes"


4. Correct Report format if needed, Enable & Publish

  1. Ensure that the selected Metric is in the Metrics grid.
  2. If desired, click [+ New Metric] to select additional Metrics.
  3. Review Sample result set for correctness
  4. Rearrange or reformat Report Columns, if needed
  5. Enable & publish

5. Report Displayed in Report Viewer

  1. Select Edit icon to further define Report contents as desired

6. Open Report Content tab

Add Pivots, Charts and/or External Visualizations from this tab