Source a Report from An Existing Report

Report creation has been re-written and enhanced to use Dataset Reports. For more information, see:  Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

Versions 5.1 and beyond offer a quick and highly automated way to build Reports from Datasets. For more information, check Create a Change Report from Dataset

Data that has already been uploaded or collected for a Report can be used to create a new Report.  The Data Source "Existing Reports - SQL" allows you to do this.  It is necessary to construct a fetch command that collect data from the source Report.  

Alternatively, see Source a Report from Metrics for more details as the additional steps are the same.

1. Access Report Editor > Data tab

On the Report Editor:

  1. Data Source: select "Existing Reports - SQL"
  2. Click on Data icon to view the reports that have been saved as source tables
  3. Open the Available Reports drop-down list to select a  source Report and view its associated fields. The criteria for turning any Report into a source for other Reports is listed in the Step below.
  4. In the SQL Statement using Report Names and Columns text box, define the fetch command required to extract data from existing Report's Result Set tables
    • Alternatively,  Use a SQL Builder tool to select report(s)

NOTE:  Approach constructing the fetch command in the same manner as sourcing a Metric from an Existing Report  (see Source a Metric From an Existing Report).

1.1. Choosing a Report to be a source

Those Reports with both of these settings in Data Collection tab set to 'Yes' will have data available and will be displayed via the Data icon in prior step

  1. Snapshot Report = "Yes"
  2. Use Report as Source = "Yes"

2. Impact on Historical Data

When you  Validate the report SQL:

  1.  The Sample Result Set display shows the columns collected from the source Report
  2.   Enable & publish to complete the Report