Source a Metric from an Single Existing Report

Versions 5.1 and beyond offer a quick and highly automated way to build Metrics using Datasets. For more detail, refer to Create one or multiple Metrics from a Dataset View (Version 5.1x)

To create a Composite Metric using data that has already been collected for a Report, the Report that you want to use must be available for composite reporting by other Metrics and Reports.

To obtain data from a Metric instead of a Report, see Source a Metric from another Metric

1. Review the Source Report Settings

  1. Review the data columns and determine which two that you want to use for your Metric:  Remember, a Metric always has Measurement Time and Measurement Value
  2. NOTE: If this is a Snapshot Report, your new metric will always use the Snapshot Date as the Measurement Time
  3. Ensure that Use Report as Source is set to 'yes'
  4. The system saves data in a Table and generates the Table name below

2. Access New > Metric  -- Data tab

  1. Select 'Single Existing Report " as your Data Source
  2. Select your Report from Step 1
  3. Select your Date and Value columns from choices displayed from your Report

3. Check for data

  1. Apply filters if required
  2. Select [Check for data]
  3. Results are displayed below

Collect data

4. Collect data

  1. System will display 'Data last collected for' information
  2. Enable & publish to generate your Metric graph

5. Metric Viewer will open with results