Include a Date Filter (Charting Interval) on a Report

Creating Reports has been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

You may elect to include a Date Filter (Charted Interval) drop-down on a Report's Viewer.  This Interval must be selected using a date column in the Report's Result Set

1. Access Report Viewer

  1. Note that there is no Date Filter drop-down
  2. Click the Edit icon to open the Report Editor

2. Access Data tab > scroll to bottom of screen

  1. Select "date" from Include data filter based on dropdown
  2. Click Save & Publish

3. View Updated Report Viewer

  1. Date Filter button now appears
  2. You can choose a new interval by clicking on any of the listed values to re-generate the Report
  3. Or, you can add a Custom Date Range (Creating Custom Date Ranges)