Delete Instances and/or Data Files from a Report Sourced from a CSV File

Creating Reports has been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

You may elect to delete instances that have already been collected for a Report and/or re-collect data from a certain date/time.  You may delete:

  • All Historical Instances
  • Selected Instances using from/through dates
  • A Range of Instances

In addition, you may delete all data permanently or allow it to be recollected

If you are working with a Report that uses other Data Source, see this article: Delete and Re-collect Report Instances

1. To permanently delete  

On Data tab on Report Editor

  1. On the Report Editor/Data Collection tab, scroll down to Report Instances table.
  2. Select the delete icon for an instance of the Data File you wish to delete (Example is deleting the 7/27/2012 instance of the Beverages dimension).

Note: In cases where the dimension is Bulk loaded as defined on the Dimension Editor, all dimensions will appear as one instance. This will permanently delete all dimensions.

1.1. The instance is removed from grid and from viewer (permanently)

2. Delete instance from Viewer but allow data to be re-collected

  1. Click the Delete Report Instances link
  2. On the Delete Historical Report Instances pop-up, select the instance(s) to be removed
  3. In this example, we are deleting all dimensions for a range of dates
  4. Our date range is one day 2012-07-29


CAUTION: Deleting a Report instance is not the same thing as deleting the source data for that Report. For instance, if the source data is a CSV file, then the file will remain even if you delete the instance. If you actually want the file removed, you need to delete the Source Data File as described in Step 1.

2.1. View Report

  1. Grid remains unchanged
  2. Viewer no longer displays any data for the 7/29/2012 report

3. To Re-collect data, return to Report Editor

  1. Select Update live report to view Update Report History pop-up

4. Update all data deleted from Step 1 and Step 2

Update all data deleted from Step 1 and Step 2
  1. Choose "Yes" to update Historical Instances
  2. Select to update all data originally loaded (from 7/25/2012)

5. NOTE: Data deleted in Step 1 is not re-collected

NOTE: Data deleted in Step 1 is not re-collected

But data deleted from Step 2 is recoverable (re-collected).