Create a Change Report

Reporting on changes and analyzing trends has been greatly enhanced by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Create a Change Report from a Dataset

The legacy Report function displayed below is being deprecated in Versions after 6.0


Change Reports provide the ability to effectively analyze trends in data over a period of time.

This article describes how to create a Change Report utilizing the Metric Insights application.

Prerequisite:  A Snapshot Report must be created in order to perform data analysis within a Change Report.  Learn how to create a Snapshot Report

Tip: A more simplified process is now available for Creating Change Reports  - see: Create a Change Report from Dataset

1. Access New > Report

Access New > Report

In this example, we create a Change Report using the method in Step 2.2

  1. Input a unique Name
  2. Choose the Change Report option
  3. Select the Snapshot Report from the Source Report list

2. Input Definitions

2.1. Key Fields

In this example, we use Product Name as the identifier to base our comparison.

2.2. Filters

Add any desired Filters:

  1. Click + Add Filter
  2. Select the Report Instance to compare
  3. Select Column to compare
  4. Choose Filter option
  5. Select the basis on which to compare
  6. Input desired Value for comparison


In this example, we are looking for items whose prior order amount is more than 25% of the current order amount.

2.3. Columns to fetch

Select the Columns to be displayed in the Change Report

Next: Format

2.4. Report Columns

Optionally, the Report display can be customized using the following options:

  1. Modify the Display Name of the column header
  2. Select to have values appear as Currency
  3. Format numeric value display
  4. Enter a Description that will be displayed on hover of the column
  5. Select the columns to appear in the Results
  6. Choose to have Totals displayed for numeric data
  7. Modify the display order of the columns on the Change Report
  8. Add a custom formatted field to the report if you like

2.5. Update Report History

Update Report History

Select "no" unless you have made changes to the Report definitions since the last run.


3. Change Report Published and displayed in Viewer

  1. The report is displayed in the Viewer with the current run selected. To view results for a previous run, select a prior run date from the drop-down.
  2. Comparison values are displayed based upon the filter created in step 3.2 .


3.1. View Prior Snapshot Data