Source Dimensioned Report Data from CSV File

Sourcing Reports from CSV files has been greatly simplified by:

  1. Creating a Dataset using a CSV file - Create a Dataset from any Data Source
  2. The new Dataset Reporting feature - Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

If the data for your report is to be collected manually, you can uploaded it as a CSV file (delimited by a comma or other character). This feature is available for:

  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS (save your Excel file as a CSV file to use this method)


  • CSV file requirements: If you are uploading data for multiple Dimension Values, confirm that the CSV file that you plan to use contains the Dimension Values in Column A

For Undimensioned Reports see Source Undimensioned Report Data from CSV File

1. Load Data

  1. In the Report Editor open the Data tab
  2. Data Source: select the 'CSV or Excel File' option from the drop-down list

Load Data

2. Define the date for which you want you data to be displayed

Define the date for which you want you data to be displayed

The Load From File pop-up opens.

3. Select the file and load

Select the file and load
  1. Confirm that the Delimiter character is the same as in your CSV file
  2. Select the CSV file containing your data from your local machine

Once the required file is browsed, click Import

4. Review Results

NOTE: If any errors are encountered in the CSV file, you will receive information to allow you to correct the problems.

  1. Note that the Sample Result Set shows the data uploaded
  2. Each Column from the CSV file is listed in the Report Columns grid. You can move them using the arrows at the end of the row.
  3. If you are ready to generate the Report click Update live Report