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External Visualization / Hyperlinks in Dataset Reports

1. Drag the External Visualization icon to the Drop Components area
  1. From the drop-down, choose External Report Visualization with which your Dataset Report will interact.
  2. Optionally, create a Title.
  3. "Link Visualization to Data Table" to link Column Values to a Visualization.
    • In the Dataset Report Editor, when you click such a link, the Visualization will open on an external webpage.
    • In the Dataset Report Viewer, when you click the table link, the Visualization will open in the Viewer.
  4. Map Report Columns to Filters. Clicking [+Add] allows mapping more Report columns to External Filter values.
  5. If you select "Combine values for each filter",  the same Visualization will be displayed for All Filter Values. If this box is clear, you can select the number of instances to display in Viewer and in an email. Options for Maximum number of instances to display will appear in both Show in Viewer and Show in Email
  6. Optionally, select to Show in Viewer. You can specify:
    • the Height of Visualization
    • the Maximum number of Instances
  7. Optionally, select to Show in Email. You can define:
    • whether clicking the image in an email will open your Dataset Report or External web page
    • the Maximum number of instances
  8. Apply

When you click a link in the Table, the Visualization will display data filtered for the chosen option(s)