Where are all those Log Files? (5.6.1 and lower)

Metric Insights has a number of different pieces to the application. The log files generated by each of these programs help us to diagnose any issues you may be having with your installation of Metric Insights. Below you'll find a list of the log files we use and where they are located.  

There is also additional logging that can be turned ON/OFF through the Admin > Utilities > Config Variables page.  See below for more details.

Log Files and Their Locations

  1. Application Logging
    • /var/log/mi.error
    • /var/log/mi.log
    • /var/log/mi.debug
  2. Data Fetch Request Broker Log: most recent file matching:
    • /opt/mi/iv/data/temp/broker/*.log
  3. Data Collector Logs:
    • /opt/mi/datacollector/logs/insight.log
    • /opt/mi/datacollector/logs/query.log
  4. E-mail:
    • /opt/mi/iv/data/temp/email/*.log

Turning ON and OFF additional debugging logs

There are two additional logging switches that can be enabled for debugging. These can be turned ON and OFF in the Config Variables page:

  1. UI_DATA_FETCH_LOGGING_ENABLED and DATA_COLLECTION_RESULT_LOGGING_ENABLED - writes full data collection queries and outputs to files in /var/www/iv/data/temp/broker/
  2. EMAIL_LOGGING - writes email headers and attempts to /var/www/iv/data/temp/email/