Using the Branding feature

The Branding feature serves to customize your Metric Insights instance by adding:

  • your own logo to the Home Page, slide shows and certain emails
  • multiple custom headers and footers to your email templates

1. Access Admin > Utilities > Branding

Access Admin > Utilities > Branding

2. Click 'Upload logo'

  1. Click 'Upload logo' to access the New Logo pop-up
  2. Enter the name you would like to include as the 'digest or burst sent from' on your emails

2.1. Click 'Browse' and select a picture with your logo from your local machine

Click 'Browse' and select a picture with your logo from your local machine

2.2. Adjust the logo size/position to fit in the cropping section as shown in the picture below

  • Move your logo to position it in the preferred part of the cropping section
  • To adjust the picture size, scroll your mouse or trackpad

NOTE: Your logo may or may not have a background.

Click Save to keep the changes made.

3. Providing custom Email headers & footers

You can upload and preview custom headers and footers directly on this page

3.1. Upload header/footer image

  • Footer and header images are uploaded in the same way as a logo
  • To preview the header or footer with a new picture, click the row with uploaded picture in All Headers list or All Footers list

NOTE: Your header image should be 960px wide - if it's bigger or smaller it will be resized, maintaining your original proportions. There are no constraints on height. Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP

4. Apply newly added headers/footers to email templates

To learn how to apply your uploaded custom headers/footers to certain email templates, refer to this article: Applying custom headers/footers to email templates